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Please note: The software is still under development and the version provided from this page is not yet a complete product! Check back regularly for the latest version.

Current version: from 01/06/2010


The most recent source code for the Suspension Calculator can be downloaded below:



For a document detailing how the code has been written and structured see:



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This program is provided free of charge for personal use in the assisting of suspension calculations. No part of the program or code shall be reproduced for commercial use. Links may be made to the site, but the product may not be redistributed in any way other than by direct download from The author shall be the sole distributor of the executable file, installation files, and any part or the entirety of the code from which the program results.
However, this is an open-source project, and users may make modifications to the code. Any such additions must be distributed via the SuspensionCalculator Forums or through the author of this website. New versions of the program or code may not be reproduced elsewhere without the express consent of the author. The author should be consulted if there are any distribution or modification questions, via the SuspensionCalculator Forum, or the Contact page of this site.