Welcome to the Suspension Calculator project’s site.

Last site update: 01/06/2010
Last software update: 01/06/2010

The Suspension Calculator aims to help people who are building race cars perform suspension related calculations. The calculations vary from motion ratios, to spring stiffness, to wheel loads.

The project is open source and in the language of Microsoft Visual C#,  making it free for anyone to program their own updates and for people to share their code. As such, the project hopes to receive significant user involvement, and feedback of any form is welcome.

The source code, executable file and installation files are all available by navigating the site using the menu on the left. Moreover, there is a forum, for users to get involved.

We hope you like the Suspension Calculator, and please be aware that it is only in the beta phase.

Project Author: Cristobal Lowery
Supervisor: Professor Michael Lowe

Follow the progress: